Las Vegas Construction Insurance


Businesses that operate in the construction and development trades are aware that their workers face risks on a daily basis. Anything from heavy machinery malfunctioning to electrical accidents can occur, and they can affect employees, clients or even innocent bystanders. Furthermore, the industry can involve property damage claims and a legal environment heavily dependent on contracts. How can operators keep their work zones safe, while also preparing for the possibility of accidents?

Assurance Ltd. will help you by reviewing contract terms and conditions to compare them to the protection afforded by your insurance policy. Also, our experts will make suggestions that can help you reduce or avoid risk in other areas where insurance may be inadequate. Our strength is understanding your daily, fast-paced environment and being able to partner with you as an outsourced risk manager.

Why choose Assurance Ltd.?

Construction and contracting companies operating in the Las Vegas area will need to consider everything from general liability insurance to general risk management strategies. At Assurance Ltd., we understand the region and the industry in which you work. However, we also appreciate that each firm is different, and we want to have a full comprehension of what makes your business unique so we can find the right solutions for it.

The experts at Assurance Ltd. are not just part of another insurance company. We want to work with you to find the best solutions for all aspects of your construction business. By gaining a full understanding of your daily operations, and what you want to achieve in the future, we can help you pinpoint any areas of risk. From there, choosing the best set of policies will be easier, and we will continue to work with you to develop a comprehensive risk management strategy.