Las Vegas Employment Practices

When you bring candidates on to work for your organization, liability claims are often far from your mind. The goal is to find talented applicants who can actively contribute to a business. But, what happens when the employer-employee relationship begins to sour or is terminated? Will your firm be able to handle the possible ramifications?

Employment practice liability insurance

Employees are the most valuable asset for many companies. They are also a major source of risk for your business and the most likely source of third-party liability suits. At Assurance Ltd., we will support your firm by coordinating training programs to prevent wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination allegations. Our experience in handling claims and managing them throughout the entire process will also help your company reduce long-term expenses while protecting the business from a short-term, severe financial loss.

From your pre-hiring process through the exit interview, it is crucial to keep your business protected against any potential liability claims. Employment practice liability can also include the following areas:


  • Invasion of privacy
  • Breach of contract
  • Wage and hour violations.

Ideally, your company will never have to deal with any type of third-party liability lawsuit. However, it is not a good practice in terms of risk to your organization to conduct business as if that is always the case. Our experts at Assurance Ltd. will walk you through everything. Laws can also differ from one state to the next, which is why having an agent who understands the intricacies of the Las Vegas area is so beneficial.

We do not want you to feel like “just another client.” Rather, we view you as a partner, and one we want to see succeed in the short- and the long-term.