Las Vegas Professional Liability Insurance

ProLiabilityProfessional liability insurance is a necessity for companies in some industries. Also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, this type of coverage, provided by Assurance Ltd., will protect businesses from claims that they are responsible for any on-site job errors or claims that they failed to complete some aspect of work as promised in a contract.

This is different from a general liability insurance policy in that general policies typically cover more direct forms of harm. Assuming that your general liability policy provides sufficient coverage is dangerous, and could financially harm your company and dampen your otherwise strong reputation.

Essentially, professional liability insurance provides coverage for legal actions that a client could take. Your business must keep itself protected against any of these possibilities. Ideally, mistakes would never happen, but having the right professional liability insurance in place serves as a strong investment in your company’s future.

Why work with Assurance Ltd. for professional liability coverage?

Our team of specialists has nearly 50 years of experience working with firms that have a broad spectrum of professional liability risk exposures. In that time, Assurance Ltd. has developed an expertise in the design of risk management and professional liability solutions for architects, engineers, attorneys and the medical provider community. As the exclusive AE ProNet representative in our territory,  we continue to demonstrate a commitment to our professional liability practice and the desire to be a valuable resource to clients.

At Assurance Ltd., we pride ourselves on providing a personalized experience that does not sacrifice quality. An affordable professional liability insurance policy exists for your firm, and it is our goal to help you find it and then work with you to integrate the policy.