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Fleet Safety Management

Even with technology ever-evolving, numerous businesses rely on ground transportation for deliveries and other aspects of their company. Fleet safety management goes beyond just standard driver safety, and business owners must understand all of the potential risks that can be associated with their commercial vehicles.

At Assurance Ltd., our professionals understand these risks, and will walk you through what could potentially affect your company. Additionally, we will provide you with the information you need to properly shape your fleet safety programs and keep your organization stable, no matter how many bumps appear in the road.

How important is fleet safety management insurance?

In any given year in Nevada, some of the largest liability claims against businesses will involve those that own and use commercial vehicles. Whether you operate for third parties, or manage your fleet exclusively for your own company, you can benefit from our AssuRisk program for identifying and treating risk exposures.

At Assurance Ltd., our services that help you manage and reduce risk include:FleetMgmt

  • Checking MVRs
  • Developing driver safety training programs (including Spanish-language versions)
  • Proper incident investigation techniques.

We also represent a variety of underwriting markets and aggressively represent you each year to help manage costs. Our experts understand the amount of work and effort that it takes to properly manage and run fleet services, and we want to make it as smooth as possible.

By partnering with Assurance Ltd., you are taking important steps toward strengthening your fleet services for the long term. Whether it is because of a car accident or another issue, liability claims can be debilitating to an organization that has lackluster or no coverage. Comprehensive fleet safety management should include insurance, and our experts want to work with you to find the best policies for your operations.