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Medical Malpractice

medmalpracticeHealth care continues to evolve each day, and medical staff members must keep themselves educated on all innovations and government regulations. Caring for patients is always a top priority, but doctors, nurses and technicians are only human, which means that mistakes can happen. Without the right medical malpractice coverage for your Las Vegas-area practice, a potential lawsuit could have far-reaching effects.

Finding the best options for your practice

The insurance industry offers dozens of products and types of coverage, but few are as complicated and demanding as medical malpractice insurance. It is imperative that you work with true, established, experts – like the team here are Assurance Ltd. – to avoid a nightmare down the road.

While you are busy building and managing your practice, we help you with a much more comprehensive approach to identifying risks, many of which may arise out of your contracts. You will work long-term with our account executives who use their intimate knowledge of your operational exposures and internal procedures to then develop the best insurance program policy terms and conditions.

Our experts also help you think through different scenarios before they materialize – such as selling your practice – to fully understand the cost implications, which are different for medical malpractice policies than most other forms of professional liability insurance.

Choose Assurance Ltd. for your practice’s future

Our team wants your Las Vegas area practice to care for patients far into the future. Medicine and health care might be filled with uncertainties, but the stability of your practice does not need to be one of them. Partner with Assurance Ltd. to get professional insurance assistance with the attention that your practice deserves.

To us, you are not just another name on a list – your practice is a valued party that we want to see succeed in the short- and long-term.