Las Vegas Executive Liability Insurance

Whether you lead a Fortune 500 company or are a successful entrepreneur heading a privately-held firm, risks are not new to you. However, some decisions that could have far-reaching impact on you and your business are ones that are unforeseen. At Assurance Ltd, we understand this, and want to work with you to protect your assets and keep your company profitable for the long-term.

As a corporate director or executive officer of a company, you face legal and theoretical fiduciary responsibilities that are difficult to manage in the real world. No matter how much you do correctly, other issues can arise, such as:ExecLiability

  • a large and aggressive “plaintiff’s bar” waiting to file suit, alleging wrongful employment practices and tortuous interference claims
  • a myriad of federal and state statutes
  • securities and financial reporting allegations.

Executive duties have become much more complicated over the past 20 years and you will benefit greatly from working with seasoned veterans who support hundreds of companies across the state. At Assurance Ltd., we have worked through a wide variety of “unique” claims and can help you not only forge a positive working relationship with your insurer, but also anticipate curve balls that plaintiffs may throw at you. Our experts can also provide training and updates for your Board, enabling you to enhance their ability to protect themselves and your company.

The professionals at Assurance Ltd. understand how important details are, especially in the business world. We also understand that as an executive, the responsibility falls to you to keep things running smoothly. Our experts will work with you to find policies and coverage that are ideal for your company and will help you find solutions and mitigate risk.